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Short films

Clémence's Afternoon  (L’après-midi de Clémence), dir. Lénaïg Le Moigne, France
Two Snails Set Off  (Deux escargots s'en vont), dir.Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Romain Segaud, France
Penguin  (Pinguin), dir.Julia Ocker, Deutchland

MIYU clemenceCLANAKCLÉMENCE'S AFTERNOON (L’après-midi de Clémence)

FR // 2017 // 10'
animated film

DIRECTOR Lénaïg Le Moigne
SCREENPLAY Lénaïg Le Moigne
EDITOR Lénaïg Le Moigne
VOICE Rémi Sulli, Frédéric Colas, Franck Beckmann, Manuel Morvant, Edwige Livet, Martine Tornil-Ladoire, Aude Briand, Lilou Tondut, Jeanelle Lievequin, Livia Bouyer
PRODUCERS Emmanuel-Alain Raynal, Pierre Baussaron
COMPANY MIYU Productions
PREMIERE STATUS Croatian premiere

Clémence and her parents take part in a big country picnic. Arriving late, Clémence joins the other children who are already playing away from the adults, but it doesn't turn out to be as much fun as she expected.

Lénaïg Le Moigne (Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, 1991) graduated from Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (EMCA) in 2015. Clémence's Afternoon is her first professional film.

Berlin International Film Festival 2018 – Generation Kplus

DVAPUZACLANAKTWO SNAILS SET OFF (Deux escargots s'en vont)

FR // 2016 // 3'
animated film

DIRECTOR Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Romain Segaud
SCREENPLAY Jean-Pierre Jeunet (based on the poem by Jacques Prévert)
EDITOR Julien Lecat
SCORE Raphaël Beau
CAST Sarah Bauer, Marie-Julie Baup, Jean-Pierre Becker, Urbain Cancelier, Clovis Cornillac, Irène Jacob, Matthieu Kassovitz, Yolande Moreau, Audrey Tautou
PRODUCERS Emmanuelle Sterpin, Marjorie Orth
COMPANY Tapioca Films
SALES AGENT L'Agence du court métrage
PREMIERE STATUS Croatian premiere

Two snails set off for a dead leaf's funeral. Inspired by a poem by Jacques Prévert.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Le Coteau, 1963) is a French director and writer, known for Delicatessen (1991), Amélie (2001) and A Very Long Engagement (2004).
Romain Segaud is a French animator, known for short films Tim Tom (2002) and Bip-Bip (2004).

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2017

PENGUIN (Pinguin)

DE // 2018 // 4'
animated film

DIRECTOR Julia Ocker
ANIMATION Urte Zintler, Ina Gabriel, Dirk Reddig
SCORE Christian Heck
PRODUCER Thomas Meyer-Hermann
COMPANY Studio Film Bilder

A timid penguin waiter with a red bow tie goes out of his way to perform his job to perfection. But when a glacé cherry falls from the cake, it sets off a chain reaction of disastrous events. Before long, the frigid social gathering is transformed into a boisterous party.

Julia Ocker (Stuttgart, 1982) is a German director, designer and writer, who has made several short films. In 2016 and 2017 she produced a series of animal films called the Animanimals.

Berlin International Film Festival – Generation Kplus

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