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Saturday | 26. July. 2014

Final thoughts on 61st Pula Film Festival


Dear friends of film,

The 61st Pula Film Festival has been closed with a ceremony paying homage to filmmaking and film profession and awarding the very best. During the festival, as part of nine different film programmes, we have offered the audience 163 films on 15 locations. Wishing to create a truly festive atmosphere, we have organized nine professional lectures, four thematic exhibitions and ten concerts.

As a demonstration of changes about to take place, this year’s Pula has hosted Croatian film festivals, it has launched the question of copyright and distribution, it was featured in world film magazines, and it has opened itself up for collaboration.

I would like to thank the faithful Pula audience, all guests, film professionals and media representatives who have been with us and who have shown that the Festival is being perceived as a professional platform for networking, education and exchange of experience and examples of good practice. Festival’s patrons, sponsors and founders have recognized true values and gave their support to the Festival.

I would especially like to thank young people, collaborators and volunteers for giving their best in terms of creativity, effort and desire to create the best possible Festival.

I invite you to stay with us, to follow the news, to give suggestions and be part of the new, 62nd festival!

Pula Film Festival Director

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