Governing Council


The Institution is run by a governing council composed of five members. The president and three members are appointed by the City of Pula Council and one member is selected by a majority of votes of the professional staff of the Institution from their ranks.

Governing Council members are selected for the term of four years.

The President of the Governing Council shall:
- convene and preside over governing council sessions
- open governing council sessions, establish the number of members for the purpose of ensuring a lawful decision making process,
- propose the agenda and ensure that the session is in accordance with the accepted agenda,
- instruct governing council members and persons participating in the session to respect the agenda,
- he is entitled to remove any person violating rules during sessions,
- ensure that proposals are discussed during sessions,
- establish clear and specific proposals and initiate the voting procedure,
- establish and publish voting results,
- ensure that minutes are kept during sessions,
- ensure that the Governing Council respects the laws and general acts,
- sign general acts and decisions adopted by the Governing Council,
- ensure that the decisions and conclusions of the Governing Council are executed,
- perform other tasks in line with the provisions of the Statute and these Rules of Procedure.

The director and artistic director of the Festival cannot be appointed or elected as members of the Governing Council but they can participate in the activities of the Governing Council without voting rights and at the request of the president.

The Institution is run by the Governing Council made up of president Jasna Jaklin Majetić and members – Vesna Sajić, Amra Pende, Tamara Brščić and Ivan Nekić.

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