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Pula PRO

Pula PRO is a programme aimed at professionals and students in AV industries. It includes a series of lectures by world renowned experts in film production, distribution and marketing, as well as two round tables dealing with film rights and film festivals in Croatia.

Admission is free for all accredited festival guests.

- Nik Powell “A to Z of Story” – Monday, July 21, 12:00, Kino Valli
- Nik Powell ”30 Lessons of a Producer” – Monday, July 21, 16:00, Circolo.
- Charles McDonald ”Unit Publicity and Festival Positioning” – Wednesday July 23, 11:00, Pula Chamber of Commerce.
- Ray Gillon ”Film Sound” – Wednesday, July 23, 16:00, Pula Chamber of Commerce.
- John Durie ”Film Marketing and Distribution 1” – Thursday, July 24, 17:00, Pula Chamber of Commerce.
- John Durie ”Film Marketing and Distribution 2” – Friday, July 25, 16:00, Pula Chamber of Commerce.
- Darko Tuškan, and Croatian Stunt Organization, ” Health and Safety ” – Sunday, July 20, 15:00, Circolo.
- Round table on author’s rights in audiovisual work organized by the Croatian Film Directors Guild and State Intellectual Property Office – Sunday, July 20, 17:00, Circolo.
- Round table on film festivals in Croatia – Tuesday, July 22, 16:00, Circolo (open for public from 17.30).

Producers, directors and other film professionals, as well as marketing and distribution professionals interested in one-on-one meetings with Ray Gillon and John Durie are invited to express their interest and set up meetings at



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