• Award ceremony in a crowded Arena: 8 awards for The Living and the Dead

    ArenaThe award ceremony of the 54th Pula Film Festival was held on Saturday, July, 21. 2007.
    The film The Living and the Dead by Kristijan Milic is the winner of the Big Golden Arena for best Croatian film. The film also won the Golden Arena for best director (Kristijan Milic), best male supporting role (Borko Peric), cinematography (Alen Dragan Markovic and Marko Pivcevic) editing (Goran Guberovic) music (Andrija Milic), sound (Ivica Drnic, Damir Valincic and Igor Fabris) and special effects.

    Živi i mrtvi, red. Kristijan MilićA Jury composed of Arsen Anton Ostojic (the president of the Jury), Tonko Lonza, an acting veteran, Branko Linta, cameraman, Diana Nenadic, film critic and  Tamara Obrovac, a musician, decided about the awards in the national programme.

    Read the list of all the awarded and explanation of the Juries for the National and International programme.

    Read more about the films from the National programme and view the photo gallery.

  • Best foreign films by Angelini, Menzel and Honoré

    Slani zrak, red. Alessandro AngeliniJury of the International competition programme composed of: Eva Zaoralova, president; and Annamaria Percavassi, Serge Sobczynski, Roland Rust, Phillip Bergson, members, has granted following awards: Special Golden Arena for artistic achievement to LOVE SONGS by Cristophe Honoré, Special Golden Arena for best director to Jiří Menzel for I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND and Golden Arena for best film form the International competition programme to SALTY AIR by Alessandro Angelini.

    Read more of this year's Europolis-Meridians programme selection by and view the photo gallery.
  • Audience votes: Play me a Love Song on top of the list

    Pjevajte nešto ljubavno, red. Goran KulenovićThe average audience grades for the films from the National programme are (the coupons are used for voting):


    1. Play me a Love Song - 4,56
    2. True Miracle - 3,31
    3. Armin - 4,22
    4. The Recollection Thief - 3,41
    5. I Have to Sleep my Angel - 4,40
    6. The Living and the Dead - 3,86

  • Screening scedule of 54th Pula Film Festival

    The screening scedule of the 54th Pula Film Festival.

  • Six movies screened in the National Competition

    Vatromet nad pulskom ArenomNational programme in the Arena opened July, 15th, with Pjevajte nešto ljubavno (Play Me a Love Song), a humorous drama by Goran Kulenović. A short opening ceremony and firework was organized before the screening.

    Pravo čudo (True Miracle) by Lukas Nola, Armin by Ognjen Sviličić, Kradljivac uspomena (The Recollection Thief) by Vicko Ruić, Moram spavat', anđele (I Have To Sleep, My Angel) by Dejan Aćimović and Živi i mrtvi (The Living and the Dead) by Kristijan Milić were also screened within the National programme.

    Read more about the National Programme and view photo gallery.

  • International Competition: Searching for love at the Castle and in Circolo

    The international programme Europolis-Meridians took place July 12-15 2007. at the Pula Castle and in the Circolo hall under the slogan Searching for love. An Old Mistress by Catherine Breillat opened the programme at the Castle on July 12. Tarantino's Death Proof (out of competition) followed. Irina Palm by Sam Grabarski, I Served the King of England by Jiři Menzel and C.R.A.Z.Y. by Jean Marc Vallée were also screened within the programme.


    As an introduction to the Europolis-Meridians in Circolo The Passionate Life of Édith Piaf, a biographic musical drama about the life of Edith Piaf directed by Olivier Dahan which opened this year's Berlinale, was screened on July 12. Men in the Nude by Karoly Esztergalyos, Gardens in Autumn by Otar Iosselili, Love Songs by Christophee Honoré and Salt Air by Alessandro Angelini were screened within the programme.

    Read more of this year's Europolis-Meridians programme selection by and view the photo gallery.

  • Adriatic programme: promoting regional co-operation and co-productions

    The goal of this year's introductory and retrospective Adriatic programme was to present cinematographies of the Adriatic countries (Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro) through films (chosen by the countries themselves), film trailers and excerpts, to exchange ideas and prepare for the Adriatic Film Market that is to be launched 2008.
    This regional programme has a pure market character and it is out of competition. It's in our interest to promote cooperation, experience sharing and film co-production in the Adriatic region. Pula has for decades been the meeting point of film artists and producers from the region and we believe that through the Adriatic Film Market it will regain this status.

    The programme took place in the Italian Club hall (Circolo). Last day of the Programme was reserved for the Co-production forum.


    Italy was presented on Monday, July 16. Salvatore – Questa è la vita, a film for children and youth by Gian Paolo Cugno at 16,00.
    In the retrospective of the Adriatic cinematographies (every day at 18,00) Montenegro presented itself on Thursday, July 19. with Packing the Monkeys, Again! by Marija Perović.
    Bosnia and Herzegovina was presented on Tuesday, July 17 with war drama Perfect Circle by Ademir Kenovic and two short films Hop, Skip and Jump and 42½. Slovenia was presented on Wednesday, July 18. with Tuning, a drama by Igor Šterk.
    The premiere of Belle epoque – The Last Waltz in Sarajevo closed the programme.

  • Popular Programme – entertainment for all generations

    In the period from July 16-21 following the Popular Programme seven attractive foreign films featuring greatest Hollywood stars and other famous actors were screened.
    National premiere of Next, a fantastic thriller with Nicolas Cage and Julianne More opened the programme. National premiere of the fifth episode of the popular serial about a little wizard, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, followed on July 17.

    The Arena programme also presented Croatian premieres of Lonely Hearts, a thriller with John Travolta, James Gandolfini, Salma Hayek and Jared Leto, as well as Konji vrani (Black Horses), a Serbo-Croatian co-production by Ljubiša Samarđić featuring the director himself along with Slavko Štimac and Ivo Gregurević. Istrian premieres of Transformers, a science-fiction spectacle, great world hits Ocean's Thirteen, Shrek the Third were also part of the Arena programme.

  • Winners of the 640x480 max. competition announced

    640x480 max.The winners of this year's competition for the best amateur short film 640x480 max.  have been announced.
    A jury composed of Jakov Kosanovic, Zoran Stajcic and Matija Debeljuh have decided that  Pioggia inattesa by Arminio Grgić from Požega is the winner.
    According to audience votes the winner of the competition is Zlatni čovjek (The Golden Man) by M. Jandric, T. Oroz and P. Srbljanovic. Following films have been ranked second to fifth: Sweet 16, Pljacka, Cocolinov san and Cudoviste napada svinju. Its interesting that the author of the last film, Cudoviste napada svinju, is the seven-year-old Oto Jelinic, who in 2005. and 2006. attended Pula Film Festival's Professor Baltazar's Film School.
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